Business Checks - The Basics of Ordering

All businesses conduct innumerable transactions each day. Imagine how risky it would be if one had to use cash for all these transactions! Business checks are financial instruments that enable the business organizations to make payments to their suppliers, employers and creditors. The function of these checks is very similar to personal checks used by individuals.

Individuals usually obtain personal ones from banks. The banks charge a fee for issuing them. Business checks too can be acquired from banks. However, enterprises require a large quantity for their use. Ordering from banks may not be financially viable due to the steep banking charges.

An alternative is to order them in bulk from companies providing this facility. These companies can provide customized ones. Business checks come in different styles such as three-per-page checks, fifty leafs booklet, laser checks, continuous computer stationary, and payroll ones amongst others. They can be designed to incorporate the business logo, colors and the corporate address. Such stationary serve as a means to portray the company's image. A customized check with contact information can help a prospective customer, for example, the accountant of the supplier, to get in touch with the company. Thus it also helps in the subtle advertisement of the company.

Business checks can be ordered from companies through fax, phone or online. There are certain aspects that you should consider while selecting such company. These are:

  • Select a company that is well established and has a good reputation. Established companies generally advise and help their clients in designing the checks.
  • Preferably choose a company known for ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the presence of security features will help protect you from any fraud.
  • Find out the delivery period and whether free shipping is provided.
  • If you are ordering computer checks, ensure that it is compatible with your accounting software.

More often than not, enterprises prefer to purchase business checks from check companies, as it is cheaper than obtaining them from banks. One can get customized checks and the delivery is usually fast. Check companies also keep a database of the specifications required by their frequent customers. This speeds up the process of re-order.

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