How to "Get Rich Quick"

There so many info product on the market that will teach you how to get rich quick. Most of them are making the person selling the product rich, while the rest of us are becoming more and more financially destitute while we continue to spend our money on these get rich quick opportunities.

Most people get getting rich, and getting a lot of money mixed up. Having a lot of money does not make you rich.

Your mindset and your habits make you rich. That means you can be rich before you get a lot of money. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you will get rich.

We all hear the redundant stories about athletes, entertainers, and lottery winners, who make or get a lot of money, but eventually end up broke. These people are not rich. These people just had a lot of money.

You can quickly become rich, by quickly changing your mindset, and your self-defeating financial habits that are making you broke.

You may already have a wealthy mindset. You may read all of the self development and "rich people" books.

You may be listening to the right audios, going to seminars, and you may have the mindset of a rich person, but what are your habits telling you?

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do habitually have a negative monthly personal cash flow? A person who regularly has more going out of than coming into his financial accounts will never be rich.

- Do you habitually try to do everything all by yourself? You need the help of good systems, and good people to get rich. If you continue to do it all by yourself, you probably will not get rich, but you will probably die trying.

- Do you habitually fall victim to greed and impatience by spending your money on the things that bring you immediate satisfaction in every area of your life? If you want to get rich quickly, you must learn the value of small sacrifices and delayed gratification.

You will not get rich by spending all of your money on magic pills and every get rich scheme that comes along. You may make some money. You may even make a lot of money, but you will not be rich. Instead look within yourself for the answer and realize that it is your own self-defeating financial habits that are keeping you poor or middle-class. You already have what it takes at your fingertips to "get rich quick".

Change your mindset and your money habits and you will quickly get rich. It will only be a matter of time before the money follows.
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Marc Brown said...


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