How to Control a Big Spender Spouse

Are you married to a free spending person? Do you get a big lump in your throat when you find out your partner has bought an expensive item amidst your agreement that you're going to save? Your situation can be a real big challenge but then again, you can find ways to tame your spouse.

Having a partner who loves to spend on expensive things can often make the other spouse regretful and unhappy. For people who are careful with spending the family's finances and at the same time are working hard to earn their much desired income, it can be a cause of stress to see their other half just spending for unnecessary things like there's no tomorrow.

Some will say that they're earning a livelihood and therefore should have the freedom to buy what they love. Yes, it may be a valid reason but when you have a family to support and children to send to school, managing the budget can be difficult especially if this task belongs to the wife.

It's absolutely normal for married couples to have different opinions and attitudes on budget management. What matters is that both of you face the real issues and then find ways to resolve them. Again, communication plays a vital role here.

Don't be complacent with your financial situation. For couples who are both earning big, you may have the tendency to spend here and there as you're banking on your high paying jobs all the time. But what if an emergency strikes and you are forced to spend a big part of your savings? Then your free spending attitude will be cut short and so goes your happiness. So always prepare for the unexpected by not spending too much too soon.

Attitude is another aspect that you should think about. Women are often the savers and the men, the spenders. But it's not a good attitude to put the blame on your husband and confront him straight away if you find out about the loans he's taken out and the high credit card balances that remain outstanding. The best thing to do in this situation is to sit down and discuss the issues. Point out how the debts should be paid and the steps you can take to make the repayments easy for you. There has to be some kind of compromise so the debt does not accumulate further.

Also if you're the wife in charge of the family budget, lay out to your spouse where your funds are going and how much is coming in each month. In this way, your partner will see the real picture which can even influence him to not spend on just whatever he wants to buy in the future.

Talking it out is the right way to do it. And while you're discussing your finances, you may also want to set a target. Share your goals in life such as going on vacations in different countries, buying a new car perhaps or sending your child to a scholarship abroad. This will help you save more and spend less.
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